At ELLEfluence we help you develop and deliver influencer marketing strategies that are designed with your brand goals in mind. By connecting you with the content creators and social media influencers we have on our books whose audiences are most aligned with your own we can guarantee your campaign will reach the people you want for it to to get them talking and, more importantly, acting.

Our team of in-house experts develop digital marketing strategies that have influencers at their core and therefore maximum impact in a world of millennials who have become savvy to more traditional marketing methods. Whether you want to generate brand awareness, increase media value, drive traffic, or (of course) motivate buying intention, we have the know-how to help you do just that.



When an influencer honestly endorses your brand it shows, which is why we give ours the freedom to be themselves on the platforms they have power. Rather than have them copy and paste pre-approved captions we ask our ELLEfluencers to tell their own stories. The result? Credible content from trusted voices.

…and active engagement

With authentic endorsement comes active engagement… the stepping stone to success in any business.


At ELLEfluence we offer full campaign planning and production. From creative conceptualisation to result realisation, we do the hard work so you don’t have to.

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