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How to Improve SEO on my Blog

Following our Instagram sistah? You’ll know that Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) is our bestie right? The reason? The better the SEO on your site, the higher you rank on Search Engines. Right now you’re asking how to improve SEO on […]

securing your site with an ssl certificate-business-tips-ellefluence-pr-marketing-blogger-influencer-outreach

The easy steps to HTTPS and why every site needs to be secure

If you keep up to date with tech and online news you may be aware that as of October 2017 Google released a Customer Service Announcement stipulating any sites without an SSL certificate would be deemed as NOT SECURE. This […]


Why FREE isn’t FREE

Influencers, if you are dealing with brands and outreach companies that are offering you FREE, please stop. Brands, if you are offering influencers FREE products/services for their work, please stop. See we have a problem at the minute. There is […]

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