What is the ELLEfluence App?

The ELLEfluence App is a marketplace that’s been designed to make it easy for influencers and brands to collaborate on campaigns. Updated daily with briefs from brands, eligible influencers are invited to create content for the campaigns they’re interested in endorsing in exchange for fair compensation. The app is currently available to both Apple and Android users, and can be downloaded here or from their respective app stores:

How much does it cost?


You heard right! For influencers, the app always has been, and always will be, free to use. For brands on the other hand there is a small set-up fee and 20% commission charge.


Why choose ELLEfluence?


The ELLEfluence App is a one-stop shop for all of your influencer marketing campaigns
Campaigns are currently being offered on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook, with Blogging and vlogging opps on their way soon
There's no need to cold-call brands (they'll come to you if your stats satisfy their campaign's criteria)
Sponsored posts are paid promptly (within 48 hours of the campaign ending), and although
We suggest a rate for you for each of your platforms within the app
You can opt to set your own fee
We also offer real-time performance tracking, which helps to set your Influencer rating


With the ELLEfluence App you can view influencers' ratings prior to working with them
And pre-approve content before it is published
If you don't like what you see, you can request resubmissions and
Can be confident that our influencers' followings aren't fake, for our system weeds that out
We offer real-time reporting to measure campaigns' successes as well as
Full campaign management... at ELLEfluence we do the hard work so you don't have to. Just sit back, relax, and watch it all unfold


Brands let's discuss creating your campaign now