What is the ELLEfluence Academy?

The ELLEfluence Academy is an interactive hub designed to help bloggers, vloggers and social media influencers turn their passion into profit by creating a career out of what they know and love.

With an ever growing database of tried-and-tested resources covering everything from content creation to monetisation, we’ve got the know-how to get you from where you are… to where you want to be.

Ready to make money? Then why not sign up today? Girls just wanna have fu-undsss.

How much does the Academy cost?


Yesss girl, really! For the price of a bottle of wine your entrance fee to a club or your Big Mac meal and chicken nugget chaser on the way home you can access an abundance of content that will actually make a difference to your life…

We wanted our academy to be affordable for, and therefore accessible by, all. We understand that not everybody is in the position to spend thousands of pounds on their education… and with us you don’t have to. Now let’s get learning!

…still not sure? Here’s a sneak peek at some of the content we cover:

Setting up a bitchin' blog
Building a bad-ass brand
Creating killer content
Getting to know your niche
Growing a 'for real' following
Making sense of SEO
Strategising your socials
Monetising your material
...and the biggie?

Being your own boss, ofc!