Sassy SEO Techniques To Increase Site Traffic


Sassy SEO Techniques To Increase Site Traffic

We are not all SEO wizards. Sometimes we don’t fully understand the way in which Google works, which is fine. We don’t have to. All we simply need to know is a couple of really sassy techniques to implement on site and put into practice to increase site traffic.

Install SEO Plugins

We had a hate/hate relationship with WordPress for years until we realised that this platform was the only platform that would allow us to create the site that we wanted with the functionality that we needed and it only costs us like £3 a month to run (yeah crazy right) – so crazy we moved our sister site over to WP from Squarespace mainly for SEO purposes.

Back to the job in hand though, if you’re on WordPress then you need to install Yoast SEO, this is undoubtedly the best SEO plugin around and it’s free, it helps establish keywords, metadata, slugs (URLS) and even helps with sentence formation for both readers and for search engine crawling.

Working on a traffic light scheme Yoast SEO improves your discoverability if you use it properly. Each and every page on your site should be optimised so the traffic light system shows green all the way. This means your content is readable and it’s formatted correctly for keywords and metadata. Using h2 headings is so important as well as formulating every single paragraph.

This leads on nicely to getting each and every single URL or slug spot on. In fact, it’s pretty much as important as the title. For sassy SEO you just need to use keywords regarding your content.

For example, if the URL was sassy-SEO-techniques-to-increase-site-traffic we’d not be as discoverable as the URL SEO-techniques-Increase-traffic

We do this as search engines simply scan the slug and content for the keywords that the search request is asking. The more concise your URL is the faster your post will be found.

ALT tags

Is it the single most horrendous job ever right? We get it but it is so important that you not only give your images great names that are relevant to the post instead of DSC0024 or Untitled2 or my personal favourite iudjuuuu, you also need to include ALT tags.

Search engines can’t see your image, they need to know what it’s about just by their titles. Name your images appropriately and then double click to add an ALT tag for each and every single image. Trust us it makes a huge difference when indexing your site!

Your copyrighting skills need to improve. Paragraphs and white space are your friends, break your text up for easy reading. Separate your content with headings and images. The longer you convince your readers to stay on your page and site the more authority search engines think you have, meaning you rank higher in searches.

Link, link, link. Link juice is so important. Think of your site as a spider’s web, the more links between your content you make the stronger your authority is. Using the appropriate anchor texts indicates you’re an authority in your field by continually linking older content to newer content.

If you’re linking content you’re also pushing traffic through to older posts giving them much more authority by proving they are still relevant.

SEO Tips for Growth

This is why content is king.

One of the main reasons we moved from Squarespace to WordPress is down to load time. People click offsite if your blog takes between 8-10 seconds to load.

Check your site speed here

This is crucial for SEO, if your site is slow it acts negatively in terms of your ranking. Another great point to make sure is that your site template is responsive for mobiles and tablets, again this is a huge factor in giving you a good score for SEO purposes

Have you got any more tips for growing your SEO efforts? We’d love to hear them, comment below

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