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We are excited to be able to bring a ‘Meet the Blogger’ series every Saturday from one of our ELLEfluencers. We love building friendships and partnerships between our blogging community and what better way than with a grilling.

It is our absolute honour for the first lady in our series to be none other than Lindsay Davison. Let’s cut to the chase and hear her thoughts when we caught up.

Lindsay Davison Meet the Blogger

Walk our ELLEfluencers through the step-by-step process that you went through to get to where you are today in regards to blogging?

I did originally start in the ‘online beauty world’ with a YouTube channel (now disabled – it was just TOO cringe), and after a few month of making videos realised that blogging was probably more my thing!

I’m from a performing arts background originally, so being on camera wasn’t really an issue for me – I just thought I could articulate myself better in writing!

Since creating my blog in May 2016, I’ve been trying to soak in as much advice as I can, and really feel like my blog is coming along nicely now!

Is blogging your main profession or a hobby? How long do you spend building your brand a week?

Oh God no – I wish it was my main profession! I work 40 hours a week in the Business and Enterprise department of a local university, and blogging is definitely my sanity saver! As I mentioned, I’m from a performing arts background, and I am massively creative person – so I do really need a way to express it outside of work, and blogging is perfect for this!

I honestly spend most of my spare time building my blog and its reputation. Getting the word out there is difficult in a sea of talented bloggers – Consistency is my attack plan!

Talk us through your ideal reader? Who are they? We want to know about your tribe.

I think my readership varies massively! I talk about a lot of other stuff on my blog aside from beauty, and this always seems to attract different ‘types’ of people. Obviously, my readers are predominately female, with 21-35-year-olds favouring my blog, and 18-25 favouring my Instagram posts.

It’s hard to stay motivated, what are your tip tips for keeping motivated whilst blogging?

Keeping momentum is ab-sol-utely CRITICAL for me. If I drop the ball for a week, it’s a struggle to ramp up the pace again! Right now, I’m being really proactive in spreading the word about my blog, especially with PR and brands. I’ve struggled with self-confidence in my blog in the past, but it took me giving myself a little telling-off to realise I have a pretty special blog, followed by lots of special people –  I owe it to myself and my readers to pull my finger out and keep reaching for bigger and better opportunities ever day!

Your blogging style? Talk us through it

Language-wise, it’s chatty and informal in tone, but I like to fill my posts with facts, as well as an opinion where possible.

Visually, I like to describe it as ‘simple femininity’. I’m inspired aesthetically by Nordic design, nature and natural textures, architecture and minimalism, but the girly girl in me loves peony roses and soft fluffy things. I guess my blog is a culmination of it all!

Since starting your blogging journey have you met anybody interesting or famous?

Everyone I meet is interesting! But no, no one particularly famous in my blogging career so far.

In my performing arts years, though, definitely! I was in Billy Elliott so hung out with Jamie Bell (mainly arguing over which local football team was better…) I also auditioned in front of Kevin Spacey and Elton John when Billy Elliott the musical was being showcased in London for the first time! I was in Byker Grove as a kid too, so met Ant and Dec a couple of times!

(Okay, that’s end of my name-dropping!)

Tell our readers your favourite type of networking and what kind of networking do you think is better to enhance your traffic to the blog?

Despite spending my life as an actor from the age of 7, until the age of about 25, I’m really socially awkward! There is actually not a lot more terrifying to me than a huge blogging event, so I tend not to go anywhere near them! This means I do a lot more networking and socialising with the blogging community online, mainly on Twitter and Instagram, and of course in my blog’s comment section!

Strategies, talk us through your favourite strategy that has worked well for you to gain traffic?

It was driving me mad that despite the effort I was putting into my blog & social media, I still wasn’t growing in numbers. I was trying everything to bump them up, and nothing was working! That is until about 6-8 weeks ago, I had a few days off and was engaging a lot more with others on my blog and social media and my numbers started going up steadily! I was actively seeking out bloggers and influencers I liked on Instagram and following them! I followed hundreds and started engaging with their content, and as if by magic, my own stats were rising nicely!

In short, why are you expecting thousands of people to engage with you if you aren’t going to make an effort to engage with them?! It seems so obvious, but it’s the trick so many bloggers are missing…

What was your greatest blog failure, how did you turn it into a lesson?

I think the thing I regret most is that I didn’t keep up with a beauty blog I started back in 2012! I think I was so discouraged by my readership being minimal that I just gave up. Now, I honestly hardly look at my stats on a post more than once, unless they are requested by a brand. I’ve hit my stride and I’m finding my style with my blog language, topics and photography and I’m enjoying myself so much! Therefore, the lesson was definitely learning to enjoy blogging as much as possible!

Look into the future, what does it look like for your brand, site and future growth?

I’m hoping (like most bloggers) that I can start working on my blog as a part time income so that I have more time & brain power to commit to it. I understand just how difficult that would be, but I’ve made a promise to myself that I’m going to try my damnedest to achieve it!

In terms of content, as so as our new home starts to take shape, I want to introduce more interiors content, as it’s such a huge passion of mine!

Finally, what action do you want whoever is reading this to take?

I’d love them to take a peek at my recently revamped blog, and connect with me on social media letting me know about their blog! I love to read new blogs and follow new accounts!

You can catch Lindsay over on her fabulous blog here

She’s social over on Twitter, Instagram & Facebook too 


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