Why your blog isn’t growing and how you can change that in 5 minutes.


Why your blog isn’t growing and how you can change that in 5 minutes.

If you’re serious about turning your blog into a fully fledged money making business then there’s simply one word which will help you to achieve that. That word is


Setting measurable goals for any blog or business is essential for success. If you have no goals. You don’t strive for progress. If you are stagnant you’re never going to achieve or grow.

Here are our top 5 tips on how you can set goals and smash them like a boss.

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Be realistic

Don’t set goals that are unobtainable as they’ll deter you from any success. They won’t keep you motivated or driven and chances are you’ll have given up before you’ve even begun.

If you set goals too low you’ll become complacent – find a middle ground. As a rule of thumb try and increase all figures 50% month on month.


If you’re setting goals, be committed. Work towards these goals daily. The more consistent you are the more success you’ll achieve. Small and often is far better than doing nothing for months and expecting the world.

Really focus on your goals and work out what can be done to achieve them, how you can get the results you have outlined and then be determined. Have tenacity. Climb that mountain!


This is potentially your highest chance of success. Tell people, tell friends, family, colleagues or peers exactly what your goals are.

Use positive affirmations and start with I AM. Believe in yourself. The once you’ve set your goal into the open and shared it with people it becomes more real. When you believe in your goal, focus on it and have told people your intentions. Failure is harder to deal with. This will motivate you far more to drive your achievements


Make a plan.

If you don’t plan, you don’t succeed. Want to grow your traffic 50% more than the previous month? Find out the number of new visitors you require for the month, divide it by a number of days and that’s the number of visitors you require to your site daily.

Then you need to establish how you’re going to drive that traffic to your site. Whilst people do find you organically, you also need to action your promotion. Push your site through networking. Both online and offline.

If you’re promoting online then don’t just link dump. Harbour relationships, read and comment on other people’s posts. Interact.

If you’re on social media, be social. Build an email list of loyal fans wanting to know about your latest pieces.

Create an action plan, stick to it.



Once you’ve set your goals and started actioning them you need to then closely monitor them, check your progress and then if you’re superseding them increase and adjust them to inspire you to grow further.

If you’re struggling to achieve targets, look at what you’re doing. Evaluate how you can do better. See what others in your field are doing successfully and then use that as a framework to trial to see if this is successful for you too.

If you implement these 5 points, you can grow your readership base in less than five minutes.

Do you have any other growth tips you can share with our ELLEfluencers? Drop them in the comments box below

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