Why FREE isn’t FREE


Influencers, if you are dealing with brands and outreach companies that are offering you FREE, please stop.

Brands, if you are offering influencers FREE products/services for their work, please stop.

See we have a problem at the minute. There is an influx in the blogger society which is fine, great in fact. We love influencers, passionate individuals who are creating waves online and channelling marketing efforts for brands.

The industry is growing at a huge pace and for that, it’s only going to get bigger and more lucrative for both influencers and brands. This comes at a price and the price is this FREE culture we are in.

See, every time we see a post for FREE exchanges we wince a little bit. Nothing is ever free. We aren’t talking about monetary terms here.

That free ebook or course, you are giving away your email address for further communication.

The free cocktail at your favourite restaurant, you’re giving away you details for marketing purposes.

That free item you are being sent, you are giving away your time for brands to profit from.

Time is one of the only resources we have a finite amount of. Everything else is infinite. Think about it. Regardless what it is, money, products, resources they can all be replaced. Time is the only thing that can’t be.

That’s why we need to, from both sides of the spectrum move away from this free culture.

Stop this FREE culture

Brands and agencies instead of pitching to influencers with the promise of FREE goods, why not respect their time, effort, overheads and upkeep of the BUSINESSES they run by offering an exchange of services.

Remember the influencer is the marketing tool. They are the lead driver, the social media growers and the conversation starters for your products and businesses. Treat them well, look after them and watch just what a valuable asset they can be to your business. They’ll generate you a far greater ROI than a FREE item when you have a better mentality and a greater relationship.

Agencies, you should know better. You should realise that the influencers are the life blood and the assets and you’re not offering anything for free as time costs more than anything. Value these influencers.

Use words like; collaboration, complimentary, gifting, review item, PR sample, Press Sample.

FREE Hello-Summer-July-Glossybox-Subscription-Box-Elle-Blonde-Luxury-Lifestyle-Destination

For the Influencers

Influencers, you need to take a stand. If you’re offered FREE goods, you’re also not being offered the partnerships that you deserve. You spend hours curating content. Growing your following and readership. Think of the time spent taking photos, writing, filming and editing. The┬ánumber of emails exchanged. Is that really worth FREE? Or do you deserve so much more than that?

Nothing is free, regardless of how you look at it. When you start thinking this way, partnerships become more mutually respectful.

Ask these people who flaunt that awful word about, would they work for FREE? I think not.

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